Nature Is the Deepest Root of Man

A Lecture

By Cuong Lu

Nature Is The Deepest Root of Man
September 30 - 07:00 am - 20:00 pm
We humans are proud of our intelligence. We have constructed a world based on desires and is damaging life on the planet. It is time to reconsider how we live together on Earth Island—wisdom, sustainability, and the absence of greed. It is time correct our own mistakes, which we can do if we chart our course in alignment with the deepest part of ourselves. Nature herself is our deepest root. With the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of sustainability, we can begin to turn around our greed-based decision making and set things right again. Only following the course of nature can we correct our own mistakes, and we can do this wisely when we discover our own profound and invisible self.
A 16-day intensive course led by Zen master Cuong Lu

Our planet of 8 billion people and countless other species is in peril. It will take the wisdom of a million wisdom-keepers for our species to survive. A No Word Zen monk can inspire each person they encounter to join together in wisdom and skillful means to stop the many crises we face today, including global climate, which we humans continue to worsen with our emissions, plastics, and so many other pollutants to the air, land, and sea.

Cuong Lu is a lineage holder in an uninterrupted line, transmitted to him by Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh. He trained as a monastic at Plum Village, and he is now training invisible monastics to bring wisdom and compassion to the world through mindfulness and activism, creating a peaceful revolution.

An invisible monastic is always practicing. Every moment is an opportunity to be deeply present and share your wisdom and compassion invisibly, without drawing attention to yourself. This is a way of cultivating peace within and well-being in society.

It’s not the robes that make the monk. It’s wisdom that makes you a peaceful person. The No Word Zen movement is a seed, which when watered, will grow a million compassionate flowers engaged to help all who are suffering.

This course will be tailored to the needs of each student.

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